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We are the result of a dream full of passion, turned into tradition and experience. This is how Ahumados La Yerbabuena was born, proud of our farmerorigin ; We rescue the flavors of the grandparents, delivering a product without affecting the nutritional value of our trout with a genuine and incomparable flavor, since only our handmade technique makes it possible.

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We are dedicated to the art of controlled fish breeding since 2000 especially trout, in these ponds we raise them with dedication and love. We wash the ponds so that their habitat is clean, healthy and plea- sant, with this process we improve their flavor, texture and weight, providing a genuine taste, without competition.

Insp. La Pradera / Property La Yerbabuena Municipality of Subachoque - Colombia



The main objective is the fattening and the maximum obtaining of Omega 3 in the fillet, the food we provide them is high in nutrients, protein and low in fat, this guarantees excellent results, in addition we satisfy the demands of character and taste required by the market to which our product is aimed. Gluten free, without preservatives or additives.

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Heat smokeds with noble native woods, smoked handmade, with genuine flavor, without thorns and ready to consume. Trout has important nutritional properties beneficial for good health. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help prevent cardiovascular disease by reducing hypertension and cholesterol.

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The goal of our activity is to provide satisfaction, taste and presentation to our product. Let´s meet the food needs of the national and global market by providing protein and Omega 3 included in our Smoked trout handmade.


Be example of entrepreneurship and rural development for the other municipalities of Colombia, demonstrating that with talent, discipline and work, you can do enterprise in the field. We seek to be a company positioned and recognized in the national and international market.


  1. Preserve our resources since we work with natural woods.
  2. We care the food of the our trouts
  3. We are very demanding in the times and in the production processes.


Each 100 gram steak of smoked trout contain Omega 3 and 6, hot smoked with natural woods, we achieve a preser- vation process highlighting its flavor, texture, being free of thorns and ready to consume.

Insp. La Pradera / Property La Yerbabuena
Municipality of Subachoque – Colombia
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